Do you want to kill the Batman?

Frozen/Batman mash-up by grump-wolf.

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"Darcy The Flying Hedgehog" is a series of photographs by Shota Tsukamoto starring her hedgehog—voted cutest in the world. Based in Japan, she sets the stage for her adorable, 3-year-old hedgehog in an original and fun manner.

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Buffy Meme - (3/4) Relationships → Buffy & Faith
"We’re slayers, girlfriend. The Chosen Two."


Eliza Dushku on Buffy & Faith. [x]

Faith Lehane 

inspired by (x) and (x)

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Part ways amicably like you really mean it!

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Your father left you, your mother was taken from you. Everyone you have ever loved, you have lost and it terrifies you. But not me. I will never, ever leave you. I love you!

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